Empowerment and Human Development Society (EHDS) is a non -governmental organization founded in 2009 and incorporated on the 4th of July 2013 with registration number S-11703 and it has been registered under the registration act XXI 1960. EHDS, a community based NGO, is human resource development organization including men, women, youths and environment oriented which over years extended coverage to all four districts of Sylhet region of Bangladesh.

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Positive change of life of the poor people and disadvantage dominated area. Empowerment and Human Development Society (EHDS) is committed to mainstreaming the backward community through mobilizing and to work on social injustice, discrimination, corruption and abuse to ensure basic human rights and increase accessibility to the public resources. EHDS desires to make the organization financially and structurally strong, ensuring optimum utilization of public and private resources as well as collecting resources from internal and external sources. EHDS is committed to ensure peoples’ participation, to develop participatory decision making process and to promote health, nutrition, education, awareness and well being; to ensure natural resource management and to promote people’s advocacy.


We are working really hard for better women education

EHDS envisions a progressive, happy and sustainable rural Bangladesh, where all people live peacefully and with dignity, enjoying social, political and economic equality as well as to right to livelihood, to freedom of expression, to ensure good governance and to equal opportunity for public participation.

Our Goal

To protect the rights, ensure quality education, empower women and well-being of disadvantage people.

EHDS educational programs covered 40 Schools and Madrasahs in Sylhet division.


Focus on reaching the most disadvantage people in Bangladesh.


Promoting the right and well-being of youth and child, in everything we do.


We are working really hard for better women education specially in Madrasah girl's.
  • To conduct baseline studies [community diagnoses] to identify the needs of education and skills.
  • To provide basic Education and Information training to Women, and Youths for development, Economic Growth and Poverty alleviation.
  • To provide essential training and materials.
  • To develop, field-test and produce BCC Materials i.e. Posters, Handouts e.t.c.
  • To raise awareness on Rights, Women empowerment and Responsibility
  • To promote and provide Home/Community Based motivation.
  • To collaborate with other Bodies or Agencies promoting education for empowering of  women, youth and marginalized people in the community.