1. Musammat Badrunnesha

1. Musammat Badrunnesha

Chairperson & CEO

E-mail: development.human5@gmail.com

Brief info

Hope is a renewable energy source to me. I meet many deprived men and women. Yet, I continue to dream with passion, desire, and a demand for a better society. With hope, in January 2009, I started Empowerment and Human Development Society(EHDS) in Sylhet Bangladesh. Since inception, EHDS has been covering four districts of Sylhet region in different capacities, but not limited in teachers training, youth empowerment, ensuring quality education in schools and madrasas and capacity building training for the young men and women across the region. At this time, I would like to thank the following people, as well as the numerous others whom I am unable to recognize individually, who have come with me on my journey to regenerate hope for those without it.

I sincerely appreciate the board members of EHDS who have been investing their time and tireless effort to make the organization successful.

I am grateful to Echidna Giving for the princely fellowship and for giving me the support to undertake a crucial issue at CUE. Girls’ education in madrasas in Bangladesh has not been a well-attended or urgent topic for the national or global communities. However, that opportunity at the Brookings Institution provided a space to begin the important discussion and continuing the generous support to ensure every boy and girl has access to a quality education.

I must acknowledge the active support, insights, invaluable advice, and technical support from the from the friends and family who have directly and indirectly inspired me to work on this field.
I am thankful to the Bangladesh government, Madrasa Education Board Dhaka, the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Embassy in Dhaka, the International Research and Exchange Board (IREX), BRAC International, the British Council, the Lipscomb Academy and the Asia Foundation for providing me with the necessary support to implement educational projects in the madrasas over the last few years. The experiences I have gained through my involvement serve as the source of inspiration.

I would like to thank the EHDS team, the madrasa community in Sylhet, the U.S. State Alumni Community, and the community leaders of Sylhet who were and are always next to me in every step of my thoughts and action.
Finally, I would like to give thanks to my family and friends for supporting me to continue this journey and develop programs and conduct research on the human development and empowerment sector what I hoped from a long time.

I am looking forward to continuing this journey to the years ahead. Your suggestions and contributions are highly appreciated to ”making a change in Bangladesh” mission.